Forum Feedback 2022

2022 was the inaugural year for SIIA's Corporate Growth Forum and the response we received was overwhelming! Scroll down to check out some of the many positive comments we received.

To view the Corporate Growth Forum Event Preview video, click here.
  You can also read more in this Self-Insurer article here.

"Thank you SIIA for launching this incredibly valuable growth event. I highly encourage growing businesses to attend next year to become more informed about the PE space".
- Anna Quorum, Co-Founder/President, WellRithms -

"Great to be part of this event.  SIIA is addressing a topic critical to so many growth businesses: how to access capital, and of equal importance, how to evaluate partners and structures. Greenville is fantastic – very friendly, walkable, and has great restaurants"!
- Steve Kelly, Chairman & Co-Founder, Imagine360 -

"Honored to be part of this inaugural event supporting entrepreneurs who care deeply about expanding and growing the value of their businesses".
- Grant Jackson, Managing General Partner, Council Capital -

"This was a tremendous new event introduced by SIIA. The sessions, networking, and 1:1 meetings were all valuable".
 - Todd Owen, President & CEO, Claros Analytics -

"This was a great event.  All entrepreneurs have to deal with this eventually, so hearing many different perspectives was super helpful". 
- Mark Combs, CEO, Self-Insured Reporting -

"SIIA hosted a phenomenal event in beautiful Greenville, SC this week. All entrepreneurs in the healthcare space should consider this conference in the future for learning about capital markets and strategic partners".
- Gary Becker, CEO, ScriptSourcing, LLC -

"Excellent meeting!  It’s nice to be surrounded by so much intellectual capital discussing a topic that is somewhat complex. Greenville is a perfect spot for a relaxed event"! 
- Doug Thomas, President, NorthWind, LLC -


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